Tibetan Singing Bowls

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Tibetan Singing Bowls for relaxation, sleep, and meditation.


Besides their general use for meditation, these bowls can be used for deep relaxation, balancing the chakras, and reducing stress and anxiety.

1 review for Tibetan Singing Bowls

  1. omolaramakini (verified owner)

    Received my Tibetan Singing Bowl today, along with my Manuka Honey & Cleaning Power Incense. Although, I yet to experience; Ayahuasca is a ceremony I hope becomes legal in America someday instead of having to travel abroad for the experience. The Tibetan Singing Bowl has so much purpose. It is both a pleasure and honor to support. These products are just what the doctor ordered. Iā€™m so excited to explore this journey by expanding spiritual awareness and improving health holistically.

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