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Products & Services offered include Weight Loss, Body Detox, Cosmic Colon Cleanse, Cosmic Blood Detox, The Great EYE Am HealThy Tonic, Natural SuperFruit Supplements, Noni Juice for Men & Women, Cosmic Goddess Universal WOMB Herbal Healing Elixir & more.

Spiritual Practices & Tools offered include Candles, Crystals, Sage, Resins, Incense, Bath Oils, Scents, Soaps, & Shea Butter.

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*** Cosmic Colon Cleanse ***

100% Natural Herbal Elixir

Cleanse, Detox & Revitalize Digestive System by Stimulating Colon muscles to move Feces, eliminating Toxins, Waste, Worms & Parasitic species Promotes Weight Loss (up to 15 lb.) breaks down fat cells, dispel excess mucus & metabolic waste Relieves Constipation, Contamination, Gas, Heartburn & Intestinal Inflammation Stimulates Liver ability to Detoxify & Purify the blood, Improves Blood Circulation & Skin Conditions Restores Digestive Organs Balance, Natural Health, & Vitality.

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